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Where should I start? Even if touringplans and other sources for crowd conditions tell me its a 10 out of 10 on the crowd meter. I went to disneyland unfazed that it will be too much people that I would raise my hands-up and say “I wanna go home!” But I didn’t and had a lot of fun. With some misfortunes which you will read.

Since I rely on public transport, I need to go before the evening strikes so no WOC or fireworks accounts/experiences in my report. Arrived at 9AM and at the plaza, saw Mickey Mouse the instant I arrived. Cool! A simple photo and off to main street which I have to weave across the traffic of people and horse driven carriage to go to my 1st attraction “star tours” then the 1st of my misfortunes started to happen.

Wait for the stand-by line is at an hour already and the fastpass return time is late at night already so this attraction will have to be experienced in the off-season. Plan B: space mountain then it was down that morning, misfortune #2! Weirded out, I went to “alice in wonderland” which is wonderful and skipped the mad tea party since I don’t do well on motion sickness.

Next-up, dumbo! And then my 1st (and only) thrill ride of the day disguised as a cute dark ride “splash mountain”. 60 min stand-by line, 40 fastpass but since I’m a solo day tripper, off to go to the single-rider line and its a walk-on, yeah! And I was at the back of the log so I’m not as waterlogged compared to the people at front, the consequence is that I’m blocked by the person in-front of me at the photo taken before the drop, misfortune #3! Its amazing that without restraints you don’t fall out of that log on drops, that amplifies the thrill compared to tower of terror (seatbelts) or california screamin (full on over-the-shoulder restraint) IMO.

Got a fastpass for “big thunder mountain” and went back to see if space is back in operation and it did, but I decided the fastpass return time will be in conflict with my plans later and I think the FP line is as long as the stand-by of 75 mins. Saved that for another day.

So, I went on “captain EO” and yes, its so cheesy but respect for Michael Jackson which is just as addicted to disneyland as to me and to whom is reading this report.

Bound for DCA but I almost stepped on horse droppings at the hub. Misfortune #4. But at the plaza I saw the white rabbit and the queen from “alice”, minnie, pluto, chip & dale! Yeah!

The new DCA is nice to look at, will look better once the construction settles down and I hate the long walk I have to take in-order to go to paradise pier and my next attraction, the little mermaid. Wait is okay and the attraction itself was very good! I’m impressed with scuttle on how real he moved, same with ariel and sebastian. At some points, I thought ariel was directly looking at me.

While waiting for TLM and walking to “monsters inc”, saw the phineas&ferb show and pixar pals/monsters inc which my youngest cousin will definitely love! I wish her and her brother&sister went to Disneyland instead of buying a material thing. I really like the experiences rather than hundreds of $ worth of gadgets.

"Monsters inc" the underrated attraction has a short wait and I was amused by the queue and the attraction that taken me to "monstropolis".

As I ride the various dark rides. The only complaint is that they are too short! And I’m the person that wants to be more immersed with the story and details.

Stopped by “off the page” to see if Brianna was there, she is not. :( If I see her there, I would definitely buy a drawing of Donald Duck or Alice. She was partly responsible for rediscovering “Alice in Wonderland” and totally responsible for discovering the “musical chairs” game held at 2:30 PM at the refreshment corner, more on that later.

Back to disneyland and bingo! I saw cinderella, aurora and snow white, unfortunately my shyness to certain characters (read:princesses, I’m not a prince worthy of the princesses beauty :P ) left me to only taking a pic and a short video clip of them. Maybe on the off-season where there as less people are more time with em (and I’m not a creeper guys!) Then ate lunch and sat down to where “musical chairs” is to be held at the refreshment corner.

Misfortune #5 the hotdog and potato chips for lunch were not worth $5 bucks even with my new AP discount. Should have gotten the “pomme frittes” at the Cafe Orleans instead which would have cost me $5.49 & be more satisfied.

Musical chairs time! I got good video of Alice and the Mad Hatter and funny as usual. But I’m wondering why the White Rabbit and the Queen of hearts which I saw earlier that day did not show up in the game? that would have been epic!  Character no-shows aside, I was a bit shy in meeting Alice (see:the princeses) but I got a freakin good photo.

More weaving though the crowds to go to big thunder mountain and the stand-by time is 45 mins, with fastpass in hand, I’m on the ride in less than 15.  I really enjoy this ride because it’s well engineered, the mining scene is nice and there is no insane drops or loops.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon staking-out my place for the soundsational parade and I decided to watch it near “small world” so i would see it at 4PM sharp.  I really loved this parade! And the 1st DL parade I saw in the last 4 years.  Mickey talks. I saw Donald duck (why isn’t he around the park more often?). The songs were catchy and excellent.

Time to go home, and the worst misfortune of the day happened. Some dude is verbally hurting me, 2 cast members and others at the bus stop.  Clearly he needs help and should not be out in the streets. The depressing thing is, the stop is just outside the Disneyland property! :(

Reflecting on that day, it became part of a weird and crazy week for me.  Work had a lot of issues lately and Disneyland was crowded and I could have been more productive. But I knew it advance about that, I just want to experience the summer season. Now I can’t wait for September when the crowd levels will be a 1/10 on the crowd meter and to clense my pallet from life’s distasteful moments, that’s why I keep going back to my happy place where I felt safe and happy.  The transition from Disneyland to realityland is jarring.